Sora goes through multiple transformations in certain worlds like in prie lands he's a lion but in atantis he's a merboy but in Radiator springs Sora's a MotorCycle, Donalds a Small Plane, and Goofy's a FREAKIN' TANK. They go around the abandoned Ratiator Springs to find a power source for the gummi ship.

Radiator Springs

Radiator springs

kingdom Hearts - Forgotten Worlds
Lightning Mcqueen
Chick Hicks
The mayor's old pestant cup
cars-toon mator's tall tales theme
battle theme
route 66

Story - 1st Visit

When Sora enters the world, he quickly finds out that his clothes once again have changed his form and can't use drives, but goes to the town hall and finds Lightning Mcqueen in court for accidently destroying there small town after he gets released he finds out that he has to rebuild the road. Sora comes in to find out what happened and he says that he has a big race coming up and got lost. Later, the heartless come in an try to attack Lightning but Sora doesn't know how to use the keyblade in this form. After struggling, Lightning teaches Sora how to use the Keyblade in this form once finished they vanquish the heartless. Sora decides to help Lightning but the sheriff says that he can't, so Sora rents a cone hotel later that night and lightning rents one too and finds Sally the next morning. sora finds that the road was finshed but he didn't leave lightning was on that track that he keeps messing up on and mater tells sora what happened later on a giant cactus heartless came up after beating it lightning goes to the mayor's cone an finds out the truth he was a racer and sora fids the gateway and wishes lighning good luck on his race.

2nd Visit

When sora comes back he finds out that Lightning left for his race after he finished the road without telling anyone and he promised mator that he woul let him ride in helicopter but he never left and says that he needs some improvments so he gets new tires from luigi and a new paint job after lightning was changed into his new form the poparozi came in and mack came to pick him up he was tooken in ithout saying goodbye but the mayor decides to follow to help Mcqueen win his race when they got there they became the pit crew in the last lap of the race Dineco gets crashed by the heartless sense chick hicks is commanding them so after the race lightning sacificed his chances of winning to help dineco and everyone was mad at chick for what he did so his anger went so high he became a heartless after sora beet him and the trophie was given to lightning and he ecides to live in Radiator Springs so sora said his goodbyes and left the track and he was given the "Endless Track" keyblade for helping.

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