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Ally, Party Member
Dino Crisis (1999)
Voiced by
Stephanie Morgenstern

Regina is one of the many characters Sora encounters in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Regina is a brave and no-nonsense special agent, trained to carry out high risk operations. When her world was destroyed, she ended up in Traverse Town, where she teamed up with Sora, Donald and Goofy to stop Hades from destroying the world.


In Dino Crisis, Regina is sent to investigate the reappearance of a Dr. Kirk, presumed dead, on an island in the Pacific. There, she and her teammates discover that experiments with a mysterious energy source called Third Energy have created rifts in time, allowing dinosaurs to enter the present. In Dino Crisis 2, she joins a special forces team on a mission to a city that has been sent into the time of the dinosaurs after another Third Energy incident.

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