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Summon item
Turk Charm
Final Fantasy VII (1997)
Voiced by
Quinton Flynn

Reno is a summon in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Reno's charm is found in City of Angels.

In Battle

There are obvious similarities between Reno and Organization XIII member Axel, which translate into their style of fighting. Many of Reno's attacks are fire-centered. He throws fireballs and summons columns of fiery blaza that erupt from under enemies' feet. Lighten Up is a special command allowing Reno to set Sora's Keyblade on fire, tripling its attack power. Using Fire magic will result in exceedingly powerful attacks, although Blizzard magic is made temporarily unavailable and other magic is weakened (even Cure, to some extent). Turkish Delight is Reno's finishing move and creates a column of fire that can envelop most of the arena. Weakened enemies are killed quickly. Reno is at the center of the resulting furnance; the closer it is to Reno, the greater the amount of damage an enemy will receive.

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