An Apprentice under Tormack Dark and the 5th Dark Keyblade Master


Before joining Blaid

He was the born to a rich Pro-Light family on the world of Radiant Garden, his family owned Villain's Vail however that didn't stop the 4th Great Keyblade War from ravaging his homeland and killing his family and subjects, the Keyblade War took his parents away from him and then during his travels following the Heartless, Tormack approached Rex roughly at the end of the ten years war meaning that Tormack now had the unoffical rank of a Master. Rex followed Tormack around eventually learned how to control the Heartless and Darkness, however that also caused a chain of events that chased him and his Master into the Realm In-Between, where Tormack inevitably sensed and made contact with Blaid.


During the training reports to Blaid, Tormack mentioned that Rex had a lot of potential and that he would be a good recruit for Masterhood, Blaid allows Tormack to train Rex towards that goal. Tormack's expectations were not wasted as Rex quickly rose through the ranks of being a Dark Keyblade Wielder that it even impressed Blaid, even so he was considered a Dark Keyblade Master after Shinji.

Becoming a Dark Keyblade Master

He fought alongside the Council and was killed by Darkness Incarnated, even with his rank of Masterhood he was no match for the Chimera of Darkness himself, however his existance was recorded in the arcives and his rank. He would forever be remembered as a powerful Master alongside Shinji and the other Keyblade Wielders for their endearing loyalty.

Keyblade Wielded

Rex wielded the

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