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Royce is a character encountered in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


After his world was destroyed by the Heartless, Royce found himself on Game Planet. Along with Isabelle, he encountered Sora, Donald and Goofy.They also encountered a powerful Predator called Mr. Black, who began hunting them. Nilmax and Xerruy joined the fray, attempting to turn Mr. Black into a Heartless. In the end, Royce and Sora defeated Mr. Black. Royce asked Sora to get him off the world, but Donald and Goofy worried that this would be meddling. In the end, they decided to bring Royce to Radiant Garden, reasoning that it wasn't meddling because Royce wasn't native to the Game Planet. He took up residence in town and joined the Radiant Garden Restoration Committee as security detail.

In Battle

Royce is a powerful fighter relying on a combination of intricate kick and punch combos, and ranged attacks with his rifle. He'll also throw grenades at enemies. His limit, Hunter, involves him taking out a long blade and attack enemies in unison with Sora, doing double damage. The finish, Clean Kill, has Sora and Royce leap into the air and stab down with their Keyblade and blade, respectively, doing massive damage and causing a minor shock wave.


  • After completing the storyline of Game Planet, Royce will no longer be available as a party member on Game Planet.

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