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Rufus Shinra

Rufus is the present President of the Shina Inc. Electric Development Corporation which fifty years ago his father in his youth had allowed Project J, the experiments had given birth to Sephiroth, Angeal and Genesis. Ever since that day, he has treated Sephiroth as a younger brother, siding with the Darkness secretly as he believes that: "It is better to Rule in Hell than serve in Heaven".


History of Shinra

It is revealed that the Shinra Family had been a Noble Family whom used the Black Blood and Darkness to create an army to crush all opposition except the Light from the Radiant Empire forced them back and later occupied them, in the secret biological weapon development Project: Project J, this formed the creation of Sephiroth whom Rufus sees as a baby brother and Rufus was taught the skills of using Black Blood to stop his ageing roughly twenty years after his birth and ten before his father was killed in a losing defence of Midgard.

Rufus helped Sephiroth escape from that battle as well as a group of other

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