The Sea of the Void is a graveyard for all dark beings that have passed.It is more of a type of badlands than anything.Beings with no sense of direction seem to fade away to this place.Sqwabbles between dark tribes break out now and then and result in violent mobs

When a heart is unlocked from a heartless whatever scraps of existence left come to this place and begin to act like their old human or animal persona again.

Several "whole" beings do exist here although their identies are unknown.Sora had visited this strange place once along with Roxas.Sora was swept away with Riku after the battle with Xemnas,and Roxas was there while meeting Xemnas alone for the first time.Only the presence of Xemnas kept the creatures away.

The climate is forever stuck in an eternal night with freezing shores and black waters that drain light's energy.Not many that come to this place can escape.

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