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Darkness and Light Chapter ??
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Sephiroth, also known as Sephiroth the Nightmare, is a member of the Dark Empire ruled by Blaid Dark. Even under the "Empress of Darkness", he simply served her every order because Blaid had commanded Sephiroth to watch her, this was useful for when Blaid later planned his moves.


Traveling and Recruitment

Sephiroth first came across Blaid Dark during the time in which his original homeworld had been overrun by Heartless thanks to his doing and a handful of others, Sephiroth was part of a small group whom wanted to learn and understand the true aspect of the power of Darkness, at Radiant Garden is where Sephiroth found Blaid preparing to head to another world and stopped him while questioning all the while upon the increasse of Darkness.

Blaid answered that it was he who murdered a large portion of the Keyblade Order in the Realm of Light making Sephiroth thankful of that, Blaid commented then that Sephiroth was a "Marked One", a descendent of those first Marked by the "Incarnates" created by the 1st Dark Empire to cause not only chaos in the Realm of Light but also Civil War.

Sephiroth took quite an interest to Blaid and requested that Blaid remain awhile before leading Blaid to Villain's Vale which he and his friends had been using as a hide away, Blaid accepted for a minimum amount of time before offering Sephiroth to follow him, before that time however Sephiroth and Blaid had dueled a number of times with Sephiroth usually being the loser in said conflicts.


Ten years after joining Blaid he was commanded to help Ulmia whom was going by the name "Empress of Darkness" in her goals, to flood the Realm of Light in fraction of Darkness and so cause unrest, even Civil War.



Sephiroth has a level of control over the Darkness on an equal level with Ulmia.

Expert Swordsman

Sephiroth is very skilled with a sword. So skilled in fact that he is considered stronger than Blaid in a simple sword fight.


Compared to Blaid, Sephiroth lacks Black Blood despite his genetic background as a Project J Speciment, this gave Blaid in combat an extensive advantage.

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