Sgt. Byrd


Home world
Ally, Assistant
Spyro: Year of the Dragon (2000)
Voiced by
Tom Kenny

Sgt. James Byrd is a character encountered in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


The world's only flying penguin, Sgt. Byrd was raised and trained by a squadron of hummingbirds. He likes to introduce himself as "Byrd, James Byrd".


Along with Sheila, Bentley and Agent 9, Sgt. Byrd was imprisoned by Maleficent. She paid Moneybags to guard them, but he was bribed by Sora and Spyro. He assisted them in the battle against the Dark Spike, one of several powerful Heartless summoned using the combined dark magic of Maleficent and the Sorceress.

In Battle

Sgt. Byrd is fairly weak against attacks but can decimate enemies from a distance with his unlimited supply of rockets. Occasionally, he'll fly into the air and drop a powerful bomb.

Battle Quotes

  • "Fire!" (firing rockets)
  • "Surrender or suffer defeat!"
  • "Medic!" (low on HP)
  • "Sgt. Byrd, signing off..." (defeat)
  • "Back in action!" (revived)
  • "You make a fine soldier" (revived or healed by party member)


  • In KHII ½, Sgt. Byrd helps Sora and Spyro fight a Heartless called Dark Spike. In Spyro: Year of the Dragon, he assisted Spyro in fighting a giant Rhynoc called Spike.

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