Shadow's (OCs) Keyblades


A supposed Dark Keyblade of the Realm of Light, possibly the only Keyblade of Darkness created in the Realm of Light and allowed to stay, while still weak in his powers it allowed Shadow to possess the original of this Keyblade and not some copy like the one created by the Keyblade of the World's Hearts (the Kingdom Key), this Keyblade allows Shadow to express much of his uncontroled Darkness and incomplete powers.

True Oblivion

The True Form of the Oblivion Keyblade wielded by Shadow Dark as the Chaser of Destruction, born in the Dark Realm and blessed with the powers of near destruction of anything he entered combat with, Shadow was known as one of the most powerful swordsmen in all the Realms and eventually became a Keyblade Wielder who lacked a purpose that was however until he fell into Radiant Garden and met Blaid Radiant...his Soulmate. The Keyblade itself is a dark opposite of the Kingdom Key meaning that it could have been created with the intention of destroying the wielder of the X-Blade concidering the difference in the strength between the Kingdom Keys and Oblivion let alone True Oblivion, it contains the massive powers of the Realm of Darkness and allows Shadow to easily control his element of Destruction,

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