12 (eternally)

Hair Colour:


Eye Colour:

Ice Blue




Strength and Dramaticness; very unintelligent

Other names:


Shadow Dark

Shadow Dark

Shadow Dark is an Anti-Hero of the Kingdom Hearts Series.



Shadow Dark was created in the Realm of Darkness by Sora's mom to be a Keyblade Wielder of Darkness and the first "Chaser of Destruction", ever since he was a baby he spent all his time either fighting Heartless that he had purposly given a form to create a thrill for him and then he sometimes cuddled up with heartless and sucked on his little bitty thumb or simply curled up in a ball floating on the non-solid sections of the Endless Abyss, it is assumed that it was in fact Mickey Mouse that created him to stem the tide of homo and reach a balanced peace between the Realms of Yiff and Dark.

Ending up in Radiant Garden

When Terra's possessed body fell into the Realm of Darkness he caused a rip to open in Shadow's Dark Corridor as he was traveling from one "Island" of the Endless Abyss to the other, this caused Shadow to appear in Radiant Garden where he fell into the hands of Ansem the Wise when found by a unconscience "Terranort" and was blamed for assualting the Xehanort possessed Terra, that is until Blaid Radiant who was Prince of Radiant Garden and future Chaser of Creation stepped forwards and dismissed the crime much to Ansem's aspiration.


Outside of Battle

"You think you've suffered, you were born in the light...try being born in the Darkness, Riku!"

"Darkness is powerful, however it sometimes has a mind of its own, it gains sentience the more it is used by certain individuals"

"Blaid can control the Darkness, its odd, he doesn't let it say its own sentiences"

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