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An over a Hundred Years Old owner of powerful Black Blood and once ruler of the Domain of Nothingness alongside Blaid before they were kicked out and seperated for siding with the Darkness, it is confirmed that before Ulmia, Shadow was Blaid's one and only love which despair at Shadow's possible demise led to him meeting and loving Ulmia.



Shadow is obsessed with regaining his former nation at the Domain of Nothingness and reconverging with Blaid whom he can tell has yet to meet his demise, despite his youthful apperance it seems Shadow is quite the Commander and Leader, able to force the Heartless to do anything he wants with a simple push.

He considered Ulmia in no way a threat to him as it would displease Blaid, with that in mind he tends to act civil towards her, however these civil feelings are not procreated to begin with.

Shadow sees Ulmia as Blaid's wife and not his Soulmate, he even treats Yami as his own son, suprising the youth in the process which Blaid allows with a simple shrug much to Ulmia's annoyance.

Later however, Shadow has used the Darkness to snap someone's neck across the room and to cause the Darkness inside of someone to explode outwards, this has shown ignored Loyalty or Fear from Ulmia regarding Shadow.

Physical Apperance

Shadow has purple/blue hair and "Cardinal Red" Eyes, he has a strong yet slim muscular frame and a cocky stance on practically everything that crosses him.

He usually wears skin tight cloths, it is revealed that the collar around his neck is the


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