One of the first original cartoon network character which is about a sheep who finds his way into the big citty like the title implies "Sheep in the Big City" after also being one of the first abandoned characters of cartoon network finds his way in Kingdom Hearts universe 2.



Home World
ally, Summon
Summon Item
Taxi Charm
Sheep in the Big City
Voiced by
Kevin Seal

In Story

The Taxi Charm can be found in the CN Realm: Universe Heart.

In Battle

When summoned by pressing the Triangle button the sheep causes a traffic accident which kills almost everything instantly all except for high HP enemies and Bosses. It's so powerful that it takes out a 1/4 of the drive gage. if nothing is push he'll just ram into enemies and atract them to Sora.


Sheep in the City is the 12th original animated cartoon network program. It also got 27 Epsiodes.

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