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Blaid's Eldest apprentise and the 4th Dark Keyblade Master, Blaid found him in an orphanage where he was being pushed around while protecting his brother from the people whom saw them as different, Blaid taught Shinji how to use the Darkness and the young Shinji killed his tormentors before his very eyes.


Dark Keyblade Wielder

After he and his brother were "Adopted" by Blaid as aprentices, he became Blaid's loyal servant and vassal, willing to do anything to get appreciation for his actions from his new Master. More than once, Shinji disobeyed commands to go on his own made up missions and when it came to punishment, Blaid dismissed it as Shinji actually trying to impress his Master. The only time, Blaid got angry and ranted at Shinji for disobeying orders, was when Blaid's son Yami came under attack by Shinji when Shinji saw Yami as inferior.

Becoming a Dark Keyblade Master

Shinji continued his, proclaimed, vastly boring mission in which he continued to taint the Heart of a Princess of Heart with Darkness as a means of forcing out a Heart of Light from her body. After the mission was completed it was announced by Blaid that Shinji was considered a Master even though he had yet to reach the offical rank, Shinji was sent out on a mission to test Hikari by Blaid and though things started off at his advantage he didn't expect Hikari to regain her memories, Hikari struck back and Shinji was forced to retreat.

Shinji arrived in time to help his Master fight against Darkness Incarnate, knowing that Blaid was on the losing end of the conflict, Shinji gave Blaid the go ahead with Blaid being partially suprised at the reason behind it before also agreeing to Shinji's unspoken idea. Blaid pierces both his heart and Darkness Incarnate's Hearts, causing the Z-Blade to Lock Darkness Incarnate's Heart as well as giving the Z-Blade a portion of its power and sealing the remaining of Darkness Incarnate's power, Blaid's Heart is Unlocked which he sends into Shinji's Body. Shinji not only becomes a Dark Master but a Dark Grand Master, as Blaid's Heart claims Shinji's body for his own, Shinji lets himself fade into sleep as he willingly uses his Heart as a shield and medium for Blaid's Heart and Soul.


Shinji has short blue-green hair, and wears the usual outfit of the Dark Keyblade Masters. One unique thing about his is the way his body reacted to the Darkness. Instead of both of his irises turning golden yellow, his left eye is a vivid blue, while his right eye is almost solid gold, including the whites.


  • His nickname for Ulmia is "Miss Bitch". In return, she calls him by his last name, which he seems to hate.

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