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Sil is a villain in Kingdom Hearts II ½. She is one of the bosses in Traverse Town.



Sil's true form

Although appearing as a beautiful young woman, Sil is actually a monstrous screature - half Martian, half human. Her innocent appearance deceived Sora and his friends, but eventually her true nature was discovered and she was defeated. She was recruited by Hades who found her after her home world had been destroyed.

As a Boss

Sil is fast and agile. Aside from basic punch and kick combos, she can use Choke to extend her tongue to strange Sora. The strangehold can be broken with the reaction command Escape, but this must be timed very accurately. If unbroken, this attack can do serious damage. Tentacle Swirl involves Sil extending several tentacles to lash at multiple targets in a mad flurry. It is easy to dodge but can deplete a lot of HP. Sil will also summon powerful Heartless.

Battle Quotes

  • "Ready to quit?"
  • "Come on, it's not so bad" (Choke)
  • "Help me out here"" (summoning Heartless)
  • "Come on, we could be friends!"
  • "That's no way to treat a lady!" (recovering from a combo hit)
  • "No fair!" (defeat)

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