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Yami Tenebrae (Left), Sol Requiem (Right)

Apprentice to Tormack Tenebrae and Yami's Partener in Crime, compared to Yami his disposition is clouded with a cheerful attitude and friendly smiles everywhere he goes,and has an almost Cartoon-like disposition however this clouds the seriousness of his everyday life as a Black Blood Noble.


Physical Apperance

Sol Requiem has Blond Hair and Green Eyes, he is a tall figuire whom is similar in size to Yami Tenebrae, thin with broad shoulder.


"That corner of the room is a world of its own" - Yami's quote on where Sol stood radiant during his Birthday.

Sol is energetic and sometimes too friendly to be seen as an enemy, this however has been confirmed to be an illusion as he has been trained by his Grandfather to represent their Family in the "Big Five" a collective of the Five top Noble Black Blood Families that are allowed to Mate with the Royals (Tenebrae and Obscurus Families) without diluting the blood of those Pure Black Blooded Families.

Ironic enough, his warm disposition captures the attention of Yami Tenebrae and it is hinted that the two have a close, even possibly Romantic, relationship which in turn causes a powerful bond between the Requiem Family and Tenebrae/Obscurus conjoined Families.

The possibility of their relationship being romantic increasses due to the fact that Sol has allowed Yami to lick blood off an accidental wound, sharing blood is usually done between lovers or Family members in Black Blood Society, still their relationship is only hypothetical.

How he became Tormack's apprentice is unknown, he has joked that his Radiance got him the position however it could also be the possibility that he tends to feign emotions opposite to what he should really be feeling much like Tormack himself, it could also be that Tormack took interest in him as his Family's Bloodline are next only to the Royals.



Physical Abilities:

Magical Abilities:


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