Destiny Islands
First Appearance:
Kingdom Hearts (video game, 2002)
Ultima Hearts

Sora is the main protagonist in the fan-fiction Ultima Hearts .


The hero of the Keyblade, Sora has travelled to different worlds and fought evil creatures across the Kingdom Hearts games. In Ultima Hearts, Sora is recruited by King Mickey to work alongside Donald and Goofy to once again foil the schemes of Maleficent and other villains looking to control the Heartless. Sora leads the group on their adventures through other worlds.


In Ultima Hearts, Sora's personality is pretty much the same as in the games. Sora cares very deeply about all his friends, even the ones he just meets. He is protective over them and will lose it if anything happens to them. He has a strong heart, but is not incorruptable, as the games have shown when he turns into Anti-Form. He tries his hardest when faced with any situation, and refuses to give up. He can be stubborn at times, as well as naive. He can sometimes be quick to judge, as at first he thought Batman was a criminal, or even a Heartless based solely on the testimony of one civilian.

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