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Sparx is a character in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Sparx is the best friend of Spyro, never leaving his side. Depending on Spyro's health, Sparx will change color. Yellow is healthy, blue is moderate and green is weak. If Spyro is in the party, Sparx is automatically available as an Assistant (much like Tinker Bell when Peter Pan is summoned in Kingdom Hearts II). He can perform various healing spells and also plays a part most of Spyro's limits. After completing The Forgotten Realm, Sparx becomes available as a summon. He can be acquired by buying the Bug Charm from Moneybags.

In Battle

Sparx has a mainly assisting role, healing Sora, Spyro, Donald and Goofy when necessary, and occasionally flying away to distract enemies. As a summon, he is identical toTinker Bell, healing Sora on a regular basis.


  • Sparx was voiced by Andre Sugliozzo in the original Spyro trilogy, but lacks a voice actor in KHII ½.

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