Spring Grove acts as the new world for Jefferson but now you can only go to one area that is in jefferson and thats jetray's house sense it was one for and noe you can see what the house looked like after the fire and even go inside the rubbled rooms. you can also go to Spring Grove Middle School, The Haunted Mill, and Jacobs mill which is where jetray103 lives until the house is rebuilt. Mostly you'll spend your time in the middle school sense thats where the Heartless are.

Spring Grove

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Jetray103 (2010)
Party Member
Main Antagonist
main theme
Tetris type b
battle theme
Night of fate 8 bit remix


The school is over run by Heartless and every student and teacher escaped except for jetray103 and his freinds. D.I.V. is controlling the heartless. he wants to turn jetray into a Heartless because Jetray and Sora thought they destroyed him but he got trapped in his Facebook for 6 months until Xemnas set him free. They send Heartless in the hallways, Unversed in the cafe', and Nobodies in the Audotorium and Carthex has to find a way to stop him.


  • Jetray103 (Zackery Lowery)
  • Dani Golden
  • Kendra Allison Smith
  • Matt Shivley
  • Amber Billet
  • Dakota Mason
  • Bay Kopp
  • D.I.V. (Zackery Lowery)


Bosses (with themes)

  • Period 6, 7, 8, 9 Unversed (The Tumbling blunct)
  • Shaxel (13th Dilemma)
  • The Rethaz (Another Side, Another Story)
  • Red Eye (Hunter of the Dark)
  • D.I.V. (The Encounter)


  • Jetray103 was your partner in Kingdom Hearts Universe 2
  • Jetray's House is the only area that returns from Jefferson
  • Jetray's House was on fire on Oct. 22 friday
  • Mr. Tuggles does not return in this game. Not because he was destroyed in the fire (he wasn't anyway) because at the time he was being washed at his grandmother's house

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