Stephanie Berg
Home world
Ally, Assistant
Killer (2006)
Voiced by
Kath Soucie

Stephanie Berg is a character in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


A detective. Together with her partner John Polder, Stephanie has solved many cases. Investigating the disappearance of Dr. Harold Pauw brings her into contact with Nilmax, Xerruy and the Heartless, but she and John are helped by Sora, Donald and Goofy.

In Battle

Stephanie's attacks are similar to John's, but she lacks his pistol combo and has lower attack power. Making up for that, she is much faster than John.

Battle Quotes

  • "Come get some!"
  • "Is that it?
  • "John, let's get them!"
  • "Let's go!"


In Killer, Stephanie and John investigated the murder on Dr. Pauw which turned out to be the work of his genetic experiment, Ivanek Czehanovsky.

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