In 1957 in the hight of the Cold War a giant iron robot fell from the sky into the coast of Rockwell. The Iron Giant was made by Warner Bros. Studios in 1999. Got a 97% approval to be sent to theartes.


In army is now introduced to the Heartless sent by Pete but when he found out that the Iron Giant is easily destroying heartless, Melaficent gives Pete the ability to send Dark Side Heartless to destroy the Iron Giant. Sora has to defeat the Dark Sides before they reach him. there are only 3 & Sora took care of 1 before so this is a breaze for him. After the 3 are defeated the USS Nautilas sent a nuke to Rockwell the robot then sacrifices himself to safe Rockwell.


The Iron Giant (Vin Diesel)

Hogarth Hughes (Eli Marienthal)

Annie Hughes (Jennifer Anniston)

Dean McCoppin (Harry Connick, JR.)

Kent Mansley (Christopher Mcdonald)

General Rogard (John Mahoney)


Iron Giant (Desire for all that is Lost)

3 Dark Sides (Destiny's Force)

Pete (Rowdy Rumble)

Bowser (Destiny's Force)

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