The Navy of the Dark Empire, using supreme military might and invasion tactics, these mighty fleets transport the different Armies of Darkness around the Realm In-Between, during a war they are the main strategical backup that the Tactical Dark Army fights on planets below their conflicts.



  • Grand Admiral - Sephiroth, Blaid Dark
  • Admiral - Dark Keyblade Wielders
  • Captain - Unknown, many considering the number of fleets and ships.
  • Pilots - Armies of them, designed to fly smaller vehicles and work ships.
  • Worker Machines - Are actually machines that make their job by working about the ships, maintaining them, keeping them running and repairing damages.
  • Defence Machines - These Machines are the second rank of machines, designed to defend ships alongside the military forces on board, in case of boarding by enemy forces.


Space Stations and Superweapons:


  • Doom-Class Capital Ship
  • Darkness-Class Super Dreadnoughts
  • Torment-Class Dreadnoughts
  • Drace-Class Destroyers
  • Abbadon-Class Heavy Battleships

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