The Final Tales is a fanfiction written by Mrfipp. It is inspired by the video game Dissidia, and involves the main characters from each Final Fantasy of the main series interacting with Sora.

Main Plot

The Final Tales consist of numeroues one-shots, one for each game, about the main characters from said game meeting Sora, or being introduced to the Kingdom Hearts in one way or another.

They start in reverse order, going from Final Fantasy X and downward to Final Fantasy I. While these were the only games to be orginally included, Mrfipp later decided to include characters from XI, XII and XIII. There will also be an extra chapter, and another one added at a much later date after the release of XIV.

There is no connection between each chapter, often standing alone and having their own plots, though there are several times in which characters will be mentioned in other chapters.

Each chapter themselves is divided into section, stating the name of the character(s) who will be introduced, even if they are included in Kingdom Hearts or not. It is not restricted to only heroes, as sometimes a villain will make a cameo. Generally, the chapter will end with the game's main character, with the exception of X.

Section heading

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