The Final World of Universe 2. A world of both Light and Darkness. Has a bit of it's own history. It used to be a world of all light but Dagin had to turn it into Darkness to save the other worlds. In the middle of the Process a lightning bolt hit the keyhole he was using and turned the world into both ligh and darkness but only the light side was reach able. The Home world of both Dagin and the Negative 13 and where Sora has to defeat them once and for all.


Sora finds out that the world looks alot like the world that never was until he stumbles apon an enemy called the Evalights.(look at link for more info) When Sora gets the castle he finds Dagin only to find out that he cant use the keyblade dager because agins the only one who can. Later on finds a boy named Therac but later on was turned into a heartless by Poxary a nobody said to be #0 of the -13 but couldn't be found after words. In Final Mix Therac was found by Demyx and joined organization 13. He was better known as Carthex in Kingdom hearts new hearts. After Sora found the 12 keychains he summoned Organization 13 and promised them he would not bother them as long as they help fight the heartless after Xansem would be defeated with their help and not mess up other worlds to get the hearts they wanted. In the end Organization 13 went back to The World That Never was, Therac was no where to be found, Dagin went back to being missing, and Sora went back home with Riku and Kairi. (there will still be new updates on other worlds and summons)


  • Dagin
  • Therac
  • Xansem -I
  • Arx -IV
  • Zixard -VII
  • Xurik -XII
  • Mexa -XIII
  • Poxary #0
  • Xemnas #1
  • Xigbar #II
  • Xaldin #III
  • Vexen #IV
  • Lexaeus #V
  • Zexion #VI
  • Saix #VII
  • Axel #VIII
  • Demyx #IX
  • Luxord #X
  • Marluxia #XI
  • Larxene #XII
  • Roxas #XIII
  • Xion #XIV


  • Arx (13th Struggle)
  • Xurik (Enter the Darkness)
  • Mexa (The Other Promise)
  • Zixard (13th Reflection)
  • Xansem (Forze Del Mella)
  • Hooded Man #XV (Rage Awakended) Only in Final Mix+ as a secret boss but is Therac's Nobody.(Carthex) but as unknown in the game


  • Evalights are the evil lights inside poeples hearts and they turn into heartless thats what happens to their light.
  • Organization -13 has 13 members like the real organization consisting of (in order) Xansem, Shaxel, Luxem, Arx, Iax, Ax, Zixard, Gexini, Fixura, Controx, Xredurm, Xurik, & Mexa
  • Xurik is riku's nobody but is not in the first organization because of some difficulties of where Xurik was found. Xurik looks like Riku in 358/2 Days.

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