The Jungle Book
Origin The Jungle Book
Games Kingdom Hearts III: The Return of the Chasers
Ally Mowgli
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Theme Music "The Bare Necessities"
Battle Music "I Wan'na Be Like You"

A world based on the 1967 classic Disney film The Jungle Book.



The Jungle Book is akin to the 100 Acre Wood. Long ago both books were made and lost. During the events of Sora's first adventure he had found the pages of the book along the way and restored it to completion, and on his second quest repaired it again after several of the pages were stolen. During the events of Kingdom Hearts III: The Return of the Chasers Merlin shows Sora that he found The Jungle Book which as well lost its pages, so as Sora journeys through the worlds he finds its pages to restore this book as well.


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