The New World
Origin Pocahontas
Games Kingdom Hearts III: The Return of the Chasers
Ally Pocahontas
Keyblade Wielders Kairi
Language(s) English
Theme Music "Just Around the Riverbend"
Battle Music "Mine, Mine, Mine","Savages" (Ratcliffe Boss Battle)
The New World is a world featured in the game Kingdom Hearts 3: Return of the Chasers. The world revolves around the Walt Disney 1995 hit film, Pocahontas.

Voice Cast

World Summery

After the Gummi Ship crash lands into The New World, Kairi is thrown out of the vehicle and knock unconcious. Upon waking up Kairi, alone and confused, examines the area. She also comes to notice that her outfit has been altered (bearing a similar look as Nakoma, Pocahontas' friend from the film). As she continues to look around, she to find a small grassy path in an opening in the forest and follows it.


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