The Sorceress


Home world
Spyro: Year of the Dragon (2000)
Voiced by
Flo Di Re

The Sorceress is a villain in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Planning to eradicate all dragons and gain supreme power, the Sorceress used Maleficent's help to steal 150 dragon eggs from the Dragon Realms and bring them to the Forgotten Realms to create an army of Heartless. Her plan failed when it turned out the baby dragons inside were as of yet too pure of heart to yield Heartless. Also, her second-in-command Bianca betrays her, falling in love with Hunter and joining sides with Sora, Spyro and the others.

As a Boss

The Sorceress's main attack is launching energy orbs into the sky, which plummet towards Sora. Occasionally she'll fire a great number of them, which are hard to avoid as they rain down and can do quite some damage. If approached, she'll use her staff to slap Sora. She can also summon columns of fire under the party's feet with only a brief warning as she raises her staff. Occasionally, she'll summon Heartless into battle. She also uses quick, localized Thunder attacks. An unusual attack involves shrinking Sora temporarily. After doing so, she'll try to stomp on him. She can still be hit while Sora is shrunk, but this can be difficult. After a half a minute, Sora will return to normal size. If the reaction command Reverse is used in time (there is only a very small window to do so), the Sorceress will be shrunk instead. While shrunk, she is weak but also very fast and hard to hit.

Battle Quotes

  • "Wretched little ingrates!"
  • "You dare defy me?"
  • "Heartless, show yourself!"
  • "Crush those fools!" (commanding Heartless)
  • "Still fighting? Then allow me to demonstrate TRUE power!"
  • "This world belongs to ME!"
  • "Why? It can't be..." (defeat)


  • The Heartless replace the Sorceress's army of Rhynocs from Spyro: Year of the Dragon.

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