A Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction and Game written by Blaid. Its is a strategic warfare Game where the Heartless are the main enemies, aided by the Nobodies and Commanded by the Unversed, the greatest problem is if some nation side with the Heartless (e.g. the Arcadian Empire) or are conquored by the Heartless.

Map Colours

KH World map

Present KH World

Black - Dark Empire/Heartless

Golden - Destiny Kingdom

Yellow - Twilight Kingdom

Purple - Disney Kingdom

Grey - Arcadian Empire

Orange - Rosaria Empire

Green - Nabradian/Dalmascan/Bhujerba Alliance

Red - Radiant Empire

Brown - Keyblade Graveyard

Dark Green - Mound of Judgement

Dark Grey - Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion

Lilac - Hollow Bastion/Villain's Vale

Dark Blue - Domain of Nothingness

Pale Blue - Pride Lands

Light Purple - Spira

Light Green - Agrabah



Master Xehanort was the Father of the Chasers of Legend and desired to combine his Darkness with the Heart of all Life and Light however he was stalled 2000 Years before the main Series by his Eldest Son: Terra, this stopped Xehanort at the time from going ahead with his plans and 1000 Years later the Heartless took form and began to prey upon the unweary, present day it is learned that Master Xehanort sent his Heart into a Replica's body after the body of his son had become resistant to his own control.

Some people disbelieve the legends that record a Prophesy of Master Xehanort's return, one such person is Sora Destiny, a Prince in the Destiny Kingdom however Omens start to appear to prove these people diffrerently and soon it will lead to a showdown with the Greatest Darkness of all.

Season 1 - The Chain of Dark Events

The First Omen has happened and the Unversed have taken to the Field in the name of Xehanort, Blaid Tenebrae is reported to have been sighted and Radiant Garden has taken the brunt of the consequences of his apperance as Heartless and Rebellions cripple the divided Empire, Sora's coming of Age Celebration is attacked by an influctuation of Heartless however the mysterious Roxas Twilight steps up to help silence the Heartless.

But for what reason have these attacks been getting worse? It is in fact due to the apperance of Dark Globs, the feared Second Omen that would allow Heartless to easily enter into the World from the Great Darkness if they were not dealt with, at the Crossroad City of Edge the Heartless and Rebels have won the City from the Radiant Empire but is it a well protected breeding ground? Or is it a Fortress of Secrecy that hides beyond it a greater threat?

Season 2 - Shattering World

Season 3 - Conflict between Realms

Season 4 - Return to Balance

Characters by Season

Season 1 - The Chain of Dark Events

Heartless/Dark Empire:

Main Branch:
Working External to the Dark Empire:
Partially Non-Agressive:

Destiny Kingdom:

  • King Alec Destiny
  • Queen Anora Destiny
  • Crown Prince Squall "Leon" Destiny
  • Prince Sora Destiny

Domain of Nothingness:

Radiant Empire:

Twilight Kingdom:

Arcadian Empire:

  • Crown Prince Vayne Solidor
  • Prince Larsa Solidor

Rosarian Empire:

Mentioned/Short Appearances:

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