teen titans first originated in the 1990's as a cartoon. later on became an anime-ish tv show in cartoon network in 2005.

Story (1st visit)

sora and friends find themselves in front of a tower on an island. They go in to see if anyone lives there but they activate the security system. They destroy the lasers but heartless came in and they couldn't fight because of the system and the amount of the heartless. When they were worn out the titans come and save them from the hearltess. sora ask why they're used to fighting heartless and it turns out that the heartless started to come a week ago and they have been fighting ever sence. Robin takes sora into the tower to find out who is commanding the heartless this time it is Slade the titans most powerful enemy. They thought he was dead because he fell in a pool of lava but it just turns out that he has been turned into a heartless after that becasue of Pete. so they try to figure out why but the hearltess attack the top of the tower. when they got there the eharltess diapeared but Cinderblock, Plasmus, and Overload come in and fuse together to turn into what i like to call the Over-Plasma-Block so they fight sora. but sora sends them flying. so they head off to find Slade but they couldn't. still there old friend terra still turned into stone now has a nobody trying to turn the other ttitans into heartless

when sora defeats her nobody so when sora found it they defeated it when robin sees how sora can help he gives him a titan comunicater but it's the gateway to the other worlds so sora says his goodbyes to the titans.

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