Tommy Vercetti


Home world
Vice City
Other residences
Ally, Assistant
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002)
Voiced by
Robert Constanzo

Tommy Vercetti is one of the many characters Sora encounters in Kingdom Hearts II ½. He appears in the Olympus Coliseum both as a boss and as an ally.


In his home world, Tommy had been jailed for a brutal crime. He ended up at the Coliseum after the Heartless destroyed his world. There, he encountered Hades, who offered him a chance to redeem himself. In turn for defeating Sora and Hercules, Tommy would get his life back. However, after realizing Hades was using the same forces of darkness that destroyed his world, Tommy turned on him and teamed up with Sora and Hercules.

As a Boss

Tommy mainly relies on ranged weapon attacks, only using basic punch and kick combos for close combat. His most basic attack, Pistol Shot, won't do much damage. Uzi is a lot more dangerous because it pins Sora in place, making him helpless as his HP is drained for several seconds. This can be avoided by hitting Tommy as he aims his weapon, or by blocking the initial shorts. Rocket Launcher is Tommy's most powerful attack. This is often used when Sora is far away from him, so it'll often happen when the player walks away to heal. The rockets are easy to dodge and can be knocked back at Tommy to stun him, but will take away a lot of HP if they hit Sora. Finally, Tommy will surround himself with Molotov Cocktails, creating fires which damage Sora as he walks through (similar to Dragon Maleficent's green fire).

In Battle

As an Assistant, Tommy uses roughly the same attacks as a boss. His rockets can be deflected towards enemies that Sora has locked on to.


  • Tommy Vercetti is the first non-Final Fantasy character to be used by Hades in his schemes.

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