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Tron (1982)
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Tron is one of the many Disney characters found in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Tron is a security program, dedicated to serving and protecting the Users outside of the computer world of Space Paranoids. He is apparently programmed to "do what is "right".


Kingdom Hearts II

Sora, Donald and Goofy encounter Tron in Ansem the Wise's computer in Radiant Garden. He helps them defeat Commander Sark and the Master Control Program after they attempt to destroy Radiant Garden with an army of digitized Heartless. Later, he shows the Leon and the others an image of what Radiant Garden looked before the Heartless invaded.

Kingdom Hearts II ½

Tron becomes available as a summon after Sora finds the Computer Chip Charm in Ansem's Study.

Summon Abilities

Tron's moveset is largely unchanged from Kingdom Hearts II, although he lacks his data creating abilities due to being outside his home world. His main attacks are laser shots, basic melee combos, Thunder magic and - most destructive - his disc throws.


  • Tron is the second character to go from being a party member to a summon, the first being Peter Pan.

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