'Kingdom Hearts: The Other Side'
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Homeworld El Dorado
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Role Villain
First Appearance The Road to El Dorado
Voiced by Armand Assante (English)

Tzekel-Kan is a villain that appears in Kingdom Hearts III: The Return of the Chasers, and Kingdom Hearts: The Other Side.


The Other Side

Tzekel-Kan served as the high priest of the city of gold of El Dorado for a long time. During his reign as high priest he in authority was only challenged by Chief Tannabok. He kept the citizens of El Dorado under a grip of fear by making them believe they were vermin who would be smited by the gods, and didn't see any evil within himself.

Eventually the two con-men Tulio and Miguel from Spain were brought to El Dorado, the citizens believing them to be gods. Sora's group was with them and were brought to the city as well. Tzekel-Kan was paying tribute to the gods when his acolyte went to him and told him about it, and he smiled with pleasure.

Tzekel-Kan went before the city and proclaimed to the people that the gods had finally arrived. When he asked about who Sora and his friends were Sora said that they were the gods' servants. Eventually Tzekel-Kan asked them to give a demonstration of their divinity. Tulio and Miguel began to argue about this when suddenly a group of Heartless appeared attacking the city. The group fought them back and this was taken as a sign that they were indeed the gods since they had no idea what those monsters were. Tzekel-Kan then took them to the temple and offered to give them a tribute the next morning which they excepted.

Outside of the temple Tzekel-Kan told Tannabok that the Age of the Jaguar was beginning.

The next day the people gathered and Tzekel-Kan prepared to give them a human sacrifice. Sora convinced Tulio and Miguel that they could stop him and they did. Because of the darkness of the ritual however more Heartless were drawn there and the heroes fought them, and defeated them as well. Tannabok then gives a tribute of gold to the "gods" and Tzekel-Kan looks on not pleased.

Because of everything he'd said the citizens of El Dorado all feared Miguel and Tulio until Miguel began to bond with the people. This began to disturb Tzekel-Kan as he expected much harsher beings.

Return Of The Chasers

Iblis Ordered to Tzekel-Kan, When A Freedom Of A Giant Mayan Serpent-Tyrannosaurus Hybrid, To Resurrect From The Dead. Cloud, Zack Fair, Sora, and Cloud Met Tzekel-Kan, But Sora and Cloud Began To Obliterate The Serpent-Tyrannosaurus Rex Demon, and Then Tzekel-Kan Died When The Giant Demon Exploded.

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