The Unversed

The Unversed (アンヴァース Anvāsu?), meaning "those who were not well-versed in their own existences", are the main enemies of the game Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. They are considered "the opposite of human life" and grow from the negative emotions produced when Vanitas was created from Ventus. It is because of this that Vanitas is able to control them. By all accounts, the Unversed are extensions of Vanitas himself. Although Vanitas, Dr. M and Queen Narissa did Create Unversed Troops to the Darkest Mankind.

List of Unversed


High/Humanoid Sentiments

  • Vanitas' Remnant
  • Vanitas' Overlord


  • Flood
  • Scrapper
  • Bruiser
  • Red-Hot Chili
  • Crimson Ketchup
  • Monotracker
  • ThornBite
  • Spiderchest
  • Arch Raven
  • Hareraiser
  • Tank Toppler
  • Vile Phial
  • Sonic Blaster
  • Triple Wrecker
  • Wild Bruiser
  • Yellow Mustard
  • Blue Sea-Salt
  • Mandrake
  • Buckle Brusier
  • Veil Brusier
  • Chrono Twister
  • Green acid-Vine
  • Orange Blaze Fruit
  • White Sugar
  • Axe Flapper
  • Blobmob
  • Prize Pod
  • Glidewinder


  • Symphony Master
  • Symphony Commander
  • Wheel Master
  • Cursed Coach
  • Mad Treant
  • Trinity Armor
  • Victory Armor
  • Galaxy Armor
  • Mithril Armor
  • Crystal Armor
  • Metamorphosis
  • Mimic Master
  • Imitation master
  • Iron Overlord (Combine All Iron Prisoners)
    • Iron Imprisoner
    • Iron Imprisoner II
    • Iron Imprisoner III
    • Iron Imprisoner IV
  • Whirling Treant
  • Mega Xenomorph

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