The Strategist of the PK EDCB (pronounced PK A-Cub) and Brigadier General, therefore making her Second-in-Command, she is willing to use any means to complete her mission objectives.


  • She was apprenticed under David Caelestis whom took her under his wing by seeing all Dark based lifeforms as an abomination to be put to the torch.
  • She is very maniplative, using even enemies to do her dirty work for her.




Outside of Battle

  • "For every task, there is a perfect tool"
  • "Hold. Shall we finish the job? Or would you prefer to?"
  • (after Soldier asks: "General Viciniti? What now?") "Follow them, and observe. How often do Denizens of Darkness kill their own?"
  • "The next time your eyes open, it'll be your last"

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