The main foe of the ben 10 series ever sence the begining, sure you've seen the High Breed & Aggregor but you've never seen anyone as powerful as Vilgax. He is the ruler of 10 worlds and has tooken the powers of the heroes of the world. But he still never beats ben even if he didn't have the Omnitrix.


250px-Vilgax AF

Home World
other residances
Ben 10 (2005)
Voiced by
Steven Jay Blum (ben 10)

James Remar (alien Force)

John DiMaggio (Vilgax Attacks VideoGame)


He challanges Ben to a battle between each other and if vilgax wins he takes the Omnitrix and destroys Bens home world. going against ben without waybig ben turns into chromastone when intending to turn into waybig sense he gets waybig back in the battle. he gets dstroyed by vilgax's sword but Sora uses his new daimond based keyblade to turn him into daimond-head and sora helps ben beat vilgax once defeated as the rules state he has to leave Bellwood and never come back. Now he joins melafecent going to different worlds.

as a Boss

ha all of his moves from the game and tv show.

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