Warrior of Light


Home world
Summon item
Stone of Light
Final Fantasy (1987)
Voiced by
Sean Marquette

The Warrior of Light is a summon in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


The Warrior's charm is found in Disney Castle, aptly located in a chest next to the Cornerstone of Light.

In Battle

Unsurprisingly, the Warrior of Light has many light-based attacks. Blind uses a bright flash of lights to blind enemies, causing them to lose track of Sora and other party members and wander around aimlessly for a short while, leaving them open to attack. Lightray sends a concentrated, laser-like beam of light at the enemy, causing quite some damage. The Warrior of Light also uses basic sword combos, occasionally using Light Sword (a subtle Star Wars reference) which causes the sword to glow with light and do twice as much damage. As a finishing move, Sunshine has Sora and the Warrior concentrate the energy of their weapons to form a huge ball of light which burns enemies, doing serious damage to a large number of enemies. This move will also deplete much of the Summon Gauge, so unless it is used right away, when the Gauge is still full, it will usually drain it completely.

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