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The Wind Titan is a villain in Kingdom Hearts II ½. It is one of the bosses at the Olympus Coliseum.


The Wind Titan looks like a living tornado, with a red mouth and eyes. Its arms consist of two smaller twisters that can be extended to grab objects.

As a Boss

The Wind Titan is a very dangerous boss. It is surrounded by several rings of flying debris which act as a giant Aero spell, dealing damage to anything that comes near. Pillar Slap is a basic attack involving a floating Coliseum pillar hitting Sora like a club. Pillar Smash is very dangerous, involving a combo of multiple pillars. Twister has the Wind Titan extend one of its arms down to the ground. If caught, Sora will be spun around and tossed away, losing a lot of HP. The Titan also uses Thunder regularely, similar to Ursula. Occasionally, rocks will fall from the sky during this boss battle as well. This is unpredictable and thus hard to avoid. Deep Breath is not very powerful but will blow Sora away from the Titan (Chernabog has a similar attack), making him more vulnerable to Thunder and the various pillar attacks.

Thunder and Magnet magic is useless will only restore the Titan's HP.


  • The Wind Titan's original name is Stratos.

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