Xredurm is ranked number -11 in the Negative 13. He is a cold blooded murderer who wants to live for eternity and would do anything to do that even dis-obey the organization's orders



boss theme
13th Struggle

In Battle

His weapon is a chainsaw (pretty Standered). He has normal attacks by swinging it back and forth. with the keyblade only cost him and 1/16 of sora's health bar but with this chainsaw it can even take you down to 1 hit. Using gaurds are very helpful in this fight. Like Sephiroth he can teleport to pull off multiple attacks. When his health is low he fills the land with a pool of blood having only wooden platforms to stay on. Be careful when you heal and make sure your health is seriously low before that because Xredurm can actuall take some of the effect but it can only take care of 1/6 so it's not that bad.

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