Senri Shinki


An alternate version of Yami Dark, he is the son of Blaid Tenebrae whom is the Emperor of Darkness whom has served the sleeping Master of Darkness: Xehanort, for over a Hundred Years.

Basic Physical Details

Physical Appearance

Yami has shoulder length dark red hair, and sapphire blue eyes. His outfit is somewhat formal outfit as he wears a light gray button up dress shirt, with a dark gray jacket over it, and dark gray pants. In addition, Yami has a pendant he wears around his neck. It is in the shape of a cresent moon, with a dark purple gem imbedded in the middle, later however it is revealed it is the dormant Evomere Relic which was given to Yami by his Father as a baby.


Yami has a very calm personality.



Yami Tenebrae was born to Blaid and Ulmia Tenebrae, Ulmia intended to use Yami as a means of gaining power over her accosiates on the council however Blaid instead descided to take Yami with him, in his search for his Soulmate: Shadow Obscurus.

This path would later lead to the Radiant Empire where Shadow was found under the protection of Rufus Shinra and Deepground, Blaid left Yami in the hands of Nobility he could trust at Radiant Garden, before begining his plans for Radiant Garden.


  • Yami's First name is Japanese for Darkness.
  • Yami's last name, Tenebrae, is Latin for 'Shadows' or 'Darkness'
  • Therefore Yami's name means either: Darkness Shadows or Darkness Darkness. The First possibility is entertaining since Blaid Tenebrae, Yami's father, has a soulmate named Shadow Obscurus.
  • Yami's pendant is based off of the piece of Sinclare Drew has in the manga Rave Master by Hiro Mashima.

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