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Final Fantasy VII (1997)
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Rick Gomez

Zack Fair is a summon in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Kingdom Hearts II ½

Zack becomes available as a summon after Sora finds the Warrior Charm in the nesting grounds of the Cretaceous.

Summon Abilities

Zack's attacks are not dissimilar to Sora's. He has basic hack and slash combos and can throw his sword at enemies in a Sonic Blade-like attack. Sometimes the sword lodges in an enemy's hide, allowing for the Rip Roar move in which Sora rides the enemy's back and Zack rips out the sword, causing severe damage. With smaller enemies, the attack will involve Zack swinging the impaled enemy at Sora, who then swats it away with the Keyblade. As small enemies generally have much lower HP, this usually destroys the enemy instantly.

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