Taking place in the famous SNES game Super Metroid the heartless have taken for of the metroids and are being controled by no other than mother brain and dark samus. Madness is caused everywhere in Zebes. Ridley becoming a heartless, dark samus getting dark powers, and now there are 2x the amount of trouble on zebes.



Metroid (1980's)
Kingdom Hearts - Universe 3
Party Member
Samus Aran
Mother Brain, Dark Samus
World Theme
Super Metroid theme
Battle theme
Meta-ridley battle (Metroid Prime)

1st Visit

the heartless are surrounding samus and tehy make a portal to send her some where (possibly where peach is) fighting the endless amounts of heartless and worring about a portal that could turn samus herself into a heartless possibly. As she falls into darkness sora saves samus from the heartless and the portal. sora finds out that samus is also looking for the gateway cause she thinks that would stop the heartless from coming. but there is now way to stop heartless from going to other worlds unless everyones heart were full of light. they head to samus's ship to get off of zebes but ridley destroyed it before samus could get to it. Leaving them no way to gte off of zebes (except for the gummi ship) to fix the ship they'll need a gummi-block. On search for a block they run into Ridley who is holding a gummi block big enough to fix Samus' ship. after ridley was beaten and disappeared into the darkness. when they have the chance to get it Mother-Brain takes it from them. They search for MB's lair and once it was found they took down mother brain but MB mutates into the second phace of Mother-Brain. after it was defeated the gummi-block started to grow and opened the gateway to another world. samus' ship was fixed but she stayed to find Dark samus and destroy it once and for all.

2nd Visit



  • Samus
  • Ridley
  • Mother Brain
  • Dark Samus
  • Larva Metroid

Bosses (and themes)

  • Mother-Brain phase 1 (sinister sundown)
  • Mother Brain phase 2 (Vim & Vigor)
  • Ridley (Shrouding Dark Cloud)
  • Dark Samus (The Encoutner)

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