An Apprentice trained by Blaid during the Years after Reigning Shadows, it is revealed that he a Noble of Traverse Town and it was his family that aided the Dark Family during their stay there, he was Blaid's friend for the short time Blaid remained after his parents and Uncle's death.


Youth and Meeting Blaid

Zeek spent most of his youth being taught how evil the Realm of Light were and how they mistreat the Denizens of Darkness whom cross their path, he was introduced to Blaid at a young age and the two became Friends however even though Blaid stayed a while after his parents' death, he did eventually leave to "Be strong for his Cousin".

Repairing the Damages

He joined the Dark Keyblade Wielder Academy on Traverse Town after the Darkness Incarnate Crisis had supposedly come to an end and before long he gained Blaid's attention through a man feared by even Keyblade Wielders: Sephiroth, it was Zeek's cheerful attitude and fearlessness that caused Sephiroth to notice and so

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